MEMABA Annual Report

The Association is pleased to present this Annual Report, which highlights the growth of the Association during the 2015 calendar year. This also explains the compliance of the Association on the different aspects of Corporate Governance.

PDF2015 Memaba Annual Report

PDF2014 Memaba Annual Report

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Contribution Refund and Increase in Maximum Loanable Amounts

We are pleased to announce that effective June 1, 2016, a deceased member will be entitled to a 50% refund of his or her total membership contributions, in addition to the PhP 60,000.00 benefit that will be paid out to the designated beneficiary .

We likewise take this opportunity to inform the members that there are other enhancements to our benefits portfolio that have already been submitted to the Insurance Commission (IC) for approval, which we are confident will come to fruition this year. Expect new loan facilities such as Medical and Surgical Equipment Loan, House and Repair Loan, School Assistance Loan and Insurance Premium Loan with maximum loanable amounts of up to PhP 100,000.00, payable in 24 months for a very low interest rate of 6% per annum.

We have also submitted a proposal to IC to allow the Association to increase the maximum loanable amount for Medicine and Supplemental Loan. Once approved by the IC, the Association will release another communication to convey the revised benefits portfolio.

Rest assured that your Association will continue to uphold its commitment to continuously improve service and assistance to its members .

For information and guidance.

Thank you.

Decrease in Interest Rate for MEMABA Loans and Increase in Maximum Loanable amount for NON-PENSIONER Retirees

To further help members in their time of need , the MEMABA Board of Trustees has decided to reduce the interest rates for the following loans from 6% to 4.5% effective April 1, 2016:

1. Fire Loan

2. Funeral Loan

3. Hospitalization Loan

The following existing policies will apply :


The Board of Trustees also resolved to increase the maximum loanable amount for all non -pensioner retirees from Php 45,000.00 to Php50,000.00, regardless of loan type, effective April 1, 2016. The following existing policy will apply.



Rest assured that MEMABA will continuously find ways to improve its services .