Increase in the Amount of Cash Assistance

We are pleased to announce the increase in the amount of cash assistance effective July 1, 2021. The following are the types of cash assistance and its corresponding amount:

Funeral Aid Donation
Death of MemberPhp60,000.00Php65,000.00
Death of Spouse12,000.0015,000.00
Death of Parent4,500.007,500.00
Death of Child (21 years old and below)7,500.008,000.00
Death of Child (Above 21 years old)4,000.005,000.00
Fetal Death (8 to 20 weeks)2,000.003,000.00
Fire Victim Aid
Totally burned (owned/rented)15,000.0022,500.00
Partial burned (owned/rented)5,000.008,000.00

We enjoin all members to update your records with MEMABA. Note that the Association strictly adheres to your declared information in the processing of benefits.

For information and guidance.

Thank you.