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MEMABA provides the following assistance to its members:

  • Funeral Aid Donation
    • Death of Member                                              PHP 60,000.00
    • Death of Spouse                                                          12,000.00
    • Death of Parent                                                              4,500.00
    • Death of a Child (below 21 years old)                    7,500.00
    • Death of a Child (21 years old and above)           4,000.00
    • Fetal Death                                                                       2,000.00


  • Donation for the Fire Victim
    • Totally Burned (Owned/Rented)               PHP 15,000.00
    • Partially Burned (Owned/Rented)                        5,000.00
    • For Member – Boarder                                              2,000.00



  • For Funeral Donation
    • Accomplished MEMABA Benefits Application Form
    • Registered Death Certificate for death of member, spouse, parent and child
    • Hispathological Report for fetal death


  • For Donation for the Fire Victim
    • Accomplished MEMABA Benefits Application Form
    • Barangay Certificate
    • Pictures of burned house
    • A Fire Investigation Report to be accomplished by the MEMABA personnel to verify the occurrence of fire incident, proof of residence or ownership.


For a member whose house is totally or partially burned, the amount of assistance depends on the results of the investigation as to the extent of the damage.