MEMABA provides the following assistance to its members:

Funeral Aid Donation
Death of MemberPhp65,000.00
Death of Spouse 15,000.00
Death of Parent7,500.00
Death of a Child (21 years old and below)8,000.00
Death of a Child (Above 21 years old)5,000.00
Fetal Death (8 to 20 weeks)3,000.00
RequirementsAccomplished MEMABA Benefits Application Form

Registered Death Certificate for death of member, spouse,
parent and child.

Hispathological Report for fetal death

Donation for the Fire Victim
Totally Burned (Owned/Rented)               22,500.00
Partially Burned (Owned/Rented)                       8,000.00
For Member – Boarder                                              4,000.00
RequirementsAccomplished MEMABA Benefits Application Form

Barangay Certificate

Pictures of burned house

A Fire Investigation Report to be accomplished by the

MEMABA personnel to verify the occurrence of fire incident, proof of residence or ownership.
NotesFor a member whose house is totally or partially burned, the amount of assistance depends on the results of the investigation as to the extent of the damage.