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    To be an independent mutual benefit association aimed at providing the best benefits and assistance to its members and beneficiaries/dependents.

    -Treat all our members fairly and equitably in providing benefits;
    -To provide the best value of assistance to our members and their dependents;
    -To continually enhance financial strength of its members and their dependents (the Association’s help in the improvement of its members’ financial status);
    -To promptly respond to changing needs and concerns of members by continuous enhancement and development of benefits, assistance and services provided for the betterment of their welfare.  

    -To regularly review policies and guidelines to address current and future needs of the Association for the benefits of its members;
    -To enhance financial strength and stability through professional management of operations and creation of opportunities for organizational growth.  

    Directors and Officers
    -To practice the highest standard of integrity and professionalism;
    -To provide opportunities for professional growth and advancement for the interest of the Association and its members.
    -To provide an environment that values its employees. 
    -Encourages personnel development, team spirit and mutual respect.  

    Regulatory/Government Entities, Suppliers, Insurance Companies, Financial Institutions
    -To provide the highest standard of integrity and professionalism;
    -To strengthen its relationship and partnership with regulatory bodies through fair, truthful and honest business dealings;
    -To be responsible citizens in the communities we serve.  

    The Board of Trustees regularly review the Association’s mission and vision to make sure that business strategies to be created and implemented are connected and focused with it.