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Cash Assistance

The Association reviews, institutes, and ensures that the benefits of the members shall always be attuned with the present and future needs and in accordance with the policies, rules and regulations of the MERALCO, Insurance Commission and other regulatory agencies.

A member in good standing, one who remains current/updated on membership contributions to the Association and has no delinquent accountabilities to the Association, is entitled to the following benefits:

Type of Funeral Aid BenefitAmount
Death of Member₱65,000
Death of Spouse15,000
Death of Parents7,500
Death of Children (21 years old and below)8,800
Death of Children (above 21 years old)5,000
Fetal Death (8 to 20 weeks)3,000
Fire Victim Aid Amount
Totally burned (Owned/Rented)₱22,500
Partially burned (Owned/Rented)8,000