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Before when a dependent of Meralco employee passed away, everybody within the organization sympathized by giving donations or wreath of flowers just to show their support. Touched on the expression of sympathy, Management of Meralco taught of establishing an organization that will cater the needs of its employees during deaths, sickness and damages caused by natural calamities. It was then that the Meralco Employees Charity Fund, Inc. was formed with a purpose of providing assistance to the employees of Meralco. However, the formation of this organization does not fit the objective of granting assistance to its employees, which was the priority of the Association.

With the inception of a provision in the Insurance Code regarding the Mutual Benefit Association, the incorporators of the Meralco Employees Charity Fund, Inc. mended its Articles of Incorporation on April 30, 1976 transforming its name to Meralco Employees Mutual Aid and Benefits Association. Having at least two thirds of the members’ approval, its application was filed and approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission on January 7, 1977.