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Key Players on Corporate Governance

The Association provides the best value of assistance to its members and their dependents. It is the Association’s responsibility to treat all members fairly and equitably in providing benefits and to promptly respond to changing needs and concerns of members by continuous enhancement and development of benefits, assistance and services provided for the betterment of their welfare
It is the Board of Trustees responsibility to assure the Association’s compliance with the corporate governance principles. It devotes time and effort necessary to faithfully discharge its duties and responsibilities. It is also their responsibility to foster the long-term success of the Association and secure its sustained competitiveness, which it shall exercise in the best interest of the Association, its members and other stakeholders. The Board shall conduct itself with utmost honesty and integrity in the discharge of its duties, functions and responsibilities.
The Board consist of nine (9) trustees, seven (7) regular trustees and two (2) independent trustees, who are each elected by members entitled to vote on Annual General Membership Meeting. Working with them is a legal counsel, and a general manager.
To aid in complying with the principles of good corporate governance and improve and oversee all areas of operation of Association, the Board constitutes various committees.
The Association has seven (7) committees, three (3) mandatory committees and four (4) management committees.
It is the Association’s responsibility to ensure and keeping working conditions safe and healthy should be everyone’s business, however, employees are expected to help and cooperate. Work areas should be free of unsafe or hazardous conditions. Every employee has a right to give opinion if such conditions exist and report them immediately to his supervisor. Every employee shall ensure that all possible precautions are taken to avoid accidents.
The Association also provides trainings, seminars and other required programs by the regulatory body that could help employees to improve their knowledge and skills in order to perform their works effectively and efficiently.
The accounts of the Association for the year ending December 31, 2012 were audited by auditors of Diaz Murillo Dalupan and Company (DMD CPA & Co.) who were re-appointed upon approval by the Board of Trustees recommended by the Audit Committee.
The Association has in place an independent internal audit function which shall be performed by an Internal Auditor or a group of Internal Auditors, through which it’s Board, senior management, and members shall be provided with reasonable assurance that its key organizational and procedural controls are effective, appropriate, and complied with.